ICI EXPLORA is home to Canada's very best programs that focus on science discoveries, the environment, nature and health.

This French-language specialty television channel was created for viewers eager to learn more about the world around them. It broadcasts documentaries and publishes magazines that focus on discovery, with plenty of room for captivating narratives, and breathtaking shots of wildlife, natural landscapes, and tech in action. It is tailor-made for those who are curious by nature. Launched in 2012, ICI EXPLORA attracts more and more viewers each year, and its distinctive programming can now be viewed online as well, where it attracts thousands of visitors.

With an average of nearly 700,000 viewers each week, this is one of the top specialty channels for Canadian men aged 35-64. Its audience is chiefly male and highly educated.


An educated audience composed of 55% men 18+
M 35-64
Among the top 3 most efficient channels on 35* for men ages 35-64

Source: Numeris TV Meter Data, French Québec, September 10 to December 9 2018, M-Su 2a2a, 2+. *35 French commercial TV stations. Index: Likelihood of having the analyzed characteristics, relative to the average television audience (total TV = 100). The higher the index (> 100), the more pronounced the trend.


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